Stage serial number mismatch (Error: 5002)

Stage serial number mismatch (Error: 5002)

Each Mach-1 system is configured with a specific XML configuration file for each configuration. This error is caused by trying to open the incorrect combination of stages plugged in to the ESP controller and/or opening the incorrect configuration file when Mach-1 Motion is started.

For example:
If you have a Mach-1 v500csst, this system comes with two configurations (css & cst). The correct one must be selected to start Mach-1 Motion.

Another reason for this error is that one of the stages has been unplugged. When turning ON/OFF the ESP controller, the stages that are plugged in will be shown at the initialization screen.
To solve this, ensure the correct stages are plugged in, in the correct order:
Axis 1: Z, up-down
Axis 2: X, left-right
Axis 3: Y, front-back OR T, rotation
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